BuenApp™ is Delicious

If you haven't caught on to our theme yet, let me give you a hint... It's yummy, tasty, and delicious! Here at BuenApp, we want you to understand that good software is like good food. We'll have you coming back for seconds every time! Be sure to get quick sample of our "open sauce" offerings while your here.

Let us Cook You up Something Good

Every client that has had a dab of our offerings goes home 100% satisfied. Our custom software engineering services are of the most extraordinary and highest quality that money can buy. We offer solutions in an array of languages such as PHP and Java

Appetizing Open Source

Here at BuenApp we are true believers in the open source model. In addition to commercial solutions, BuenApp will occasionally release a generous platter of quality open source programs. Our current offerings include The Enchilada 2.0 framework and the much anticipated Pimiento Payment Processing System.

Website is Still Baking

Our brand new website is proudly hosted by our sister company, Pacy World, LLC another fully owned subsidiary of The Daniel Morante Company, Inc. Our new website isn't ready yet, but it's almost done. To contact us about custom programming and software development services, please call 888-875-0578. Or email us at daniel@morante.net

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